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Deep Resonance Vol 4 – ST 2017.03.12

A deeply resonant modern classical journey with a focus on bowed strings and chamber music featuring:

Resina (Poland)
Monolyth & Cobalt ft. Helena Espvall (France/USA)
Hauschka (Germany)
Lucy Claire (UK)
CEEYS (Germany)
Dustin O’Halloran (USA)
Ólafur Arnalds ft. Sinfonia Nord & Atli Örvarsson (Iceland)
High Plains (Canada/USA)
Stefano Guzzetti (Italy)
Jóhann Jóhannsson (Iceland)
Tim Linghaus (Germany)
Bing & Ruth (USA)

Image by Samuel Zeller (

A Song of Water – ST 2017.02.17

“The deep roar of the ocean. The break of waves on farther shores that thought can find. The silent thunders of the deep. And from among it, voices calling, and yet not voices, humming trillings, wordlings, and half-articulated songs of thought. Greetings, waves of greetings, sliding back down into the inarticulate, words breaking together. A crash of sorrow on the shores of Earth. Waves of joy on–where? A world indescribably found, indescribably arrived at, indescribably wet, a song of water…” ― Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

A shoreline reverie featuring music by:

Halftribe (Ireland)
Francesco Giannico (Italy)
Kristin Thora Haraldsdottir (Iceland)
Sun Curves (UK)
Christopher Bissonnette (Canada)
David Cordero (Spain)
Wil Bolton (UK)
The Green Kingdom (USA)

Image by Johann Rydberg

HIBERNATION II – ST 2017.01.17

Music brings a warm glow to my vision, thawing mind and muscle from their endless wintering. – Haruki Murakami

A wintry, globe-spanning compilation of ambient, electroacoustic, and neoclassical soundscapes featuring:

Tobias Hellkvist (Sweden)
Hakobune (Japan)
Andrew Tasselmyer (USA)
Ten (England)
Drombeg (Ireland)
Bethan Kellough (USA)
Siavash Amini (Iran)
Lee Yi (Spain)
Tomonari Nozaki (Japan)
Lyrae (Sweden)

Image by René Reichelt
Image source:

Autumn Reverie – ST 2016.11.20

A deep ambient reverie for endless autumn afternoons. Muted colors turn incandescent in the slanted light…

Featuring recently released music by the following artists:

Kirill Nikolai
Mt. Judge
Wil Bolton
Olan Mill

Photo by Ju On –

A Gentle Resonance IV – ST 2016.10.09

Music for early evenings or deep into the night. Time stands still and the gentle resonance of the piano is your constant. Volume IV of this series features music by:

Woodkid & Nils Frahm (France/Germany)
Otto A Totland (Norway)
Hauschka (Germany)
Mike Lazarev (USA)
Roberto Attanasio (Italy)
Roya Torabi (Iran)
Gabriela Parra (Netherlands)
Julien Marchal (France)
The Bird’s Companion (USA)
Luke Howard (Australia)
Ed Carlsen (Italy)
Libary Tapes (Sweden)
Tess Said So (Australia)
Chad Lawson (USA)
Angus MacRae (UK)
Bruno Bavota (Italy)
Lena Natalia (USA)
Sophie Hutchings (Australia)
Federico Albanese (Italy)
Jason Van Wyk (South Africa)

Image: “Keys” by Dermot McElduff

Eternal Summer Fade – ST 2016.09.03

Vestiges of summer linger in the warm rushing breeze and slanted light that hints at the coming of autumn. An introspective mix featuring recently released music by:

Will Samson (feat. Benoit Pioulard)
Mute Forest (Porya Hatami remix)
Å Asher-Yates
William Ryan Fritch
E and I

Image: Sky over Midlothian, Virginia USA

Reflection & Reminiscence – ST 2016.07.27

A sonic journey of reflection and reminiscence featuring music recent released by

Kevin Verwijmeren (Netherlands)
Thomas Ragsdale (UK)
Anthéne (Canada)
Zenjungle ft. Drombeg (Greece)
Francesco Giannico & Giulio Aldinucci (Italy)
Tomonari Nozaki (Japan)
Kristin Thora Haraldsdottir (Iceland)
Sun Curves (UK)
Dag Rosenqvist (Sweden)
Willamette (USA)

Image: Ravens Roost Overlook, Blue Ridge Parkway VA

Oceans of Memory – ST 2016.07.03

An ambient journey along the shorelines of oceans remembered featuring music by:

Richard Ginns
Solo Andata
Benoît Pioulard
The New Honey Shade
Secret Pyramid

Image: Reeds Along Stormy Shoreline by Jonathan DeMoor

Deep Resonance Vol 3 – St 2016.06.01

A new deeply resonant musical journey featuring selections from modern classical and ambient releases enjoyed on Stationary Travels.

Slow Meadow ft. Hotel Neon
William Ryan Fritch
Lucy Claire ft. Marie Schreer
Bruno Sanfilippo
Iskra String Quartet
Library Tapes ft. Julia Kent
Guy Gelem
Twincities ft. Aaron Martin

Image: Valley of Silence by Alexandru Cristan


A Gentle Resonance III – ST 2016.02.21

Music for early evenings or deep into the night. Time stands still and the gentle resonance of the piano is your constant. Volume III of this series features music by:

Poppy Ackroyd (UK)
Federico Albanese (Italy/Germany)
Iván Muela (Spain/UK)
Goldmund with Ryuichi Sakamoto (USA, Japan)
Michael Price (UK)
Sophie Hutchings (Australia)
Kiasmos reworked by Lubomyr Melnyk (Iceland, USA)
Nils Frahm (Germany)
Illuminine reworked by Lambert (Belgium, Germany)
Paddy Mulcahy (Ireland)
Luke Howard (Australia)
JP Hartnett (UK)
Ólafur Arnalds & Nils Frahm (Iceland, Germany)

Image: “piano” by Christian Krüger licensed under CC BY 2.0


Hibernation – ST 2016.01.23

A quiescence of frosted ambient and modern classical music that only thaws in the mind.

Sean McCann (USA)
Virlyn (Belgium)
Aaron Martin (USA)
Spheruleus and Friends (UK)
Willamette (USA)
The Frozen Vaults (Poland/UK/Japan)
Olli Aarni (Finland)
Slow Meadow (USA)
Autistici & Justin Varis (UK/USA)

Image: Eno River Winter by William Dibble licensed under CC BY 2.0

The Ocean Inside Vol 2 – ST 2015.12.06

A new journey through vast, emotionally resonant and melancholic soundscapes. Explore the ocean inside with these featured artists:

Abul Mogard (Serbia)
From the Mouth of the Sun (Sweden/USA)
Black Vines (USA)
Carinthia (USA)
Spheruleus (UK)
the volume settings folder (Italy)
Umchunga (Iran)
Siavash Amini (Iran)

Image: Icebergs in the Southern Ocean by by Liam Quinn licensed under CC BY 2.0

City of Light – ST 2015.11.15

As our thoughts go out to the people of Paris during a difficult time, I wanted to share a cloudcast exclusively featuring music from French and French-Canadian artists that I’ve enjoyed on Stationary Travels. I hope you enjoy the music and will consider supporting them and their records.

Julien Marchal
Mathieu Lamontagne
Monolyth & Cobalt
Linear Bells
Belle Arche Lou

Image: “Paris” by Cristian Bortes licensed under CC BY 2.0

Draped in Autumn’s Golden Mantle – ST 2015.11.03

The trees are draped in the golden mantle of autumn, burning like a cold flame in defiance of the coming gray. Time to relish open spaces, big feelings, and big sounds. Here’s a collection of some of the most unabashedly emotive, expansive and beautiful post rock songs I’ve encountered on my recent stationary travels.

Shy, Low (Virginia, USA)
All Shall Be Well (Netherlands)
Glories (Alabama, USA)
Bright Like the Sun (Texas, USA)
Astralia (Spain)
The Sound of Rescue (Pennslvania, USA)
Caspian (Massachusetts, USA)
We Lost the Sea (Australia)

Autumnal – ST 2015.10.11

A modern classical and electroacoustic ambient mix in an autumnal mood

Antonymes / Lucy Claire / Tiny Leaves / Beatrice Chaume (UK)
Tom Hodge / Max Cooper (UK)
Christina Vantzou (Belgium)
Michael Price (UK)
Offthesky (USA)
Jacob David (Denmark)
Veronique Vaka (Canada)
Hior Chronik / Field Rotation (Greece / UK)
The Humble Bee + Aaron Martin (USA)
Ruhe (USA)

Image: “Automne-sur-rivière…!!!” by Denis Collette licensed under CC BY 2.0

Last Days at the Beach – ST 2015.09.19

The warmth of summer is dissipating and the beaches are nearly desolate. The sand is cool underfoot while a bracing chill grips the water. Out on the horizon it is impossible to tell where the ocean stops and the sky begins. Ships move through the fog at an almost imperceptible pace. The only sounds that are left are lapping waves, gusting winds, and a cacophony of birds. Only solitude and stillness during the last days at the beach.

Off Land (USA)
Leonardo Rosado (Sweden)
Twincities (USA)
David Andree and Miguel Isaza (USA/Colombia)
Mark Lyken and Emma Dove (Scotland)
Ruhe and The Humble Bee (USA/UK)
Parks (Russia)
Josh Mason (USA)
J Butler (USA)

Image: “winter beach” by Anjan Chatterjee is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Drift Noir – ST 2015.08.15

A deep ambient drone mix with a heavy noir feel for late night listening

Zenjungle (Greece)
Pjusk and Sleep Orchestra (Norway / UK)
Wil Bolton (UK)
Bill Seaman (USA)
Valiska (Canada)
Umchunga (Iran)
Dino Spiluttini (Austria)
the volume settings folder (Italy)
Pleq and Giulio Aldinucci (Poland / Italy)
Everyday Dust (UK)
Secret Pyramid (Canada)
Arash Akbari (Iran)

Image: “Noir et blanc?” by Flo is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Garden Path – ST 2015.07.26

A collection of tracks inspired by garden walks and outdoor solitude

Porya Hatami (Iran)
Illuha (Japan)
Opitope (Japan)
Talk West (USA)
Will Bolton (UK)
Max Greening (Canada)
Sokkyō (Spain)
Threethings (UK)
Harnes Kretzer (Germany)
Loscil (Canada)

Photo taken at Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens in Richmond, Virginia USA

Deep Resonance Vol 2 – ST 2015.06.28

Another journey featuring deeply resonant sounds of cello and other bowed instruments (violin, psaltery, & guitar) taken from modern classical and ambient releases enjoyed on Stationary Travels.

Ólafur Arnalds & Alice Sara Ott (Iceland/Germany)
Fire Temple (Canada)
Surrogate Sibling (Germany / USA)
Lowercase Noises (USA)
Adrian Lane (UK)
Hior Chronik (Greece)
Christina Vantzou (Belgium)
William Ryan Fritch (USA)
Tiny Leaves (UK)
Veronique Vaka (Canada/Iceland)
Jeremy Young & Aaron Martin (USA)
Antonymes (UK)
Row Boat (UK)
Jacob Pavek (USA)

Image: “Cello” by Andreina Schoeberlein is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Guest Mix for Headphone Commute

“The Ocean Inside” is a special guest mix created exclusively for Headphone Commute featuring a selection showcasing some of the brilliant ambient & electronic music coming out of Iran. 

Original post and additional listening options via

Siavash Amini – A Mist of Grey Light [Futuresequence]
Siavash Amini – Aliosha and the Fire [Futuresequence]
Idlefon – Reminiscence [Tympanik Audio]
Idlefon with Nima Pourkarimi – Pickers of Empty Cocoons [Tympanik Audio]
Umchunga – The Dusk, The Car, The Rain and Down in The Bottle [single]
Porya Hatami – Ladybug [Dronarivm]
Porya Hatami – Farewell [Time Released Sound]
Tegh – Down [Inner Ocean Records]
Tegh and Kamyar Tavakoli – Hollow [Hibernate]
Arash Akbari – Rays From a Dead Star [Flaming Pines]
Arash Akbari – Until Time Sits by Your Side [Soft Recordings]

Deep Resonance Vol 1 – ST 2015.04.25

A cloudcast journey exploring the deeply resonant, beautiful, and moving sounds of the cello & bowed guitar featuring:

This Patch of Sky (USA)
Keaton Henson ft. Ren Ford (UK)
Lucy Claire (UK)
Hildur Guðnadóttir (Iceland)
Fire Temple (Canada)
Jo Quail (UK)
Peter Gregson (UK)
Julia Kent (USA)
Max Lilja (Finland)
Linear Bells (France)
Bruno Sanfilippo (Argentina)
Field Rotation ft. Aaron Martin (Germany)
A Winged Victory for the Sullen (USA)
William Ryan Fritch (USA)
Origamibiro (UK)

Image: The Cello Player (1896) – Thomas Eakins [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

A Sense of Place Vol 1 – ST 2015.04.18

A musical journey through vast and quiet landscapes. A number of these albums will be covered in an ongoing review series on Stationary Travels called “A Sense of Place”. This mix features:

Celer (Japan)
Bjorn Rohde (Germany)
North Atlantic Drift (Canada)
Lowercase Noises (USA)
The Echelon Effect (England)
Kate Carr (Ireland)
Row Boat (England)
The Gateless Gate (Canada)
Loscil (Canada)
Northumbria (Canada)
Orbit Over Luna (Canada)
So I’m An Islander (Denmark)


Fragments of Memory – ST 2015.04.11 (ambient)

A montage of tones, melodies, sounds, and textures like fragments of memory drifting in and out of focus in the mind’s eye. Featuring recently released music by:

Alessio Ballerini (Italy)
Horizontal Excursions (Netherlands)
BMRN (England)
Aaron Martin (USA)
Peaceful Wrath (Belgium)
Federico Durand (Argentina)
Spheruleus (England)
Benjamin Finger (Norway)
Twigs & Yarn (USA/Japan)
cétieu (Poland)
Dalot (Greece)
Kevin Verwijmeren (Netherlands)
Caught in the Wake Forever (Scotland)

Photo taken in the Japanese Gardens at Maymont Park in Richmond, VA USA

A Gentle Resonance II – ST 2015.03.29 (modern classical)

In recognition of Piano Day (, a new mix of solo piano and modern classical gems featuring:

Poppy Ackroyd
Maiya Hershey
Madeleine Cocolas
Ben Lukas Boysen
Otto A. Totland
Nils Frahm
Andrei Machado
Moshimoss (ft. Keith Jarrett)
Tess Said So
M. Ostermeier
Stefano Guzzetti
Tracey Chattaway
Keaton Henson
Jacob Pavek

A Gentle Resonance I – ST 2015.03.07 (modern classical)

Music for early evenings or deep into the night. Time stands still and the gentle resonance of the piano is your constant. A collection of recent favorites by:

Sophie Hutchings
Nils Frahm
Fabrizio Paterlini
Islands of Light
Harnes Kretzer
Julien Marchal
Michael Mathy
Luke Howard
Funeral Fireworks
Bruno Bavota
Levi Patel
Bruno Sanfilippo
Bill Seaman

Still Life in Decay – ST 2015.02.18 (ambient)

Grainy textures and haunting echoes of melancholia through a sepia lens. 10 beautiful tracks from recent & upcoming releases featuring:

Max Greening
Danny Clay
Leigh Toro
M. Ostermeier
Ed Hamilton
Mt. Judge
Leonardo Rosado
Masaya Ozaki

Skyfarer’s Dream – ST 2015.02.01 (ambient)

Skyfaring themes and ambient atmospheres meld with voices and textures just out of the frame as if being heard somewhere between sleep and consciousness. Featuring:

Massimo Discepoli
Porya Hatami
Hotel Neon
Tomonari Nozaki
K. Novotny

Into the Sun – ST 2015.01.25 (post rock)

A collection of some of the beautiful melodic and atmospheric post rock tracks released in 2014. A musical journey that seeks a balance between introspection, uplift, and forward momentum. Featured artists:

All Shall Be Well (Netherlands)
Whale Fall (USA)
Hugar (Iceland)
Glories (USA)
Seas of Years (Sweden)
Sora Shima (New Zealand)
Jakob (New Zealand)
This Patch of Sky (USA)
To Destroy A City (USA)

Ambient Acoustique – ST 2014.11.25

As Autumn turns brown & grey and the first harbingers of winter’s chill arrive, the warmth of acoustic music is most welcome. This mix features some lovely work by the following artists:

Western Skies Motel
Ancient Colours
Belle Arche Lou
Explosions In The Sky & David Wingo
Jacob Montague
Aaron Martin
Memory Drawings
Ghost and Tape

A Vivid Melancholy – ST 2014.11.21

A cloudcast of deep ambient reveries & melancholia from a truly global sampling of recent releases and discoveries. I was drawn to the introspection, emotion, stillness, and beauty in each of this pieces. Warning: may induce long glassy-eyed stares. Featured artists:

Noveller & thisquietarmy
Siavash Amini
Arash Akbari
Tomonari Nozaki
Maiya Hershey
Abul Mogard

Sublimations and Accretions – ST 2014.11.15

Acoustic instrumentation, classical and folk motifs, and elegant minimalism prevail in these beautiful tracks selected from recently released albums and EPs. Featured artists:

Tess Said So (Rasa Daukus & Will Larsen)
Richard J. Birkin
Maxwell August Croy & Sean McCann
Aaron Martin
Christina Vantzou
Islands of Light (Dino Spiluttini)
Luke Howard
Lucy Claire
Nathan McLaughlin
Peter Gregson
Sophie Hutchings