Mixcloud Shows (2019)

En Plein Air // ST 209.05.12

The first mix of the spring season tilts towards sonic pointillism and impressionism with new electroacoustic ambient works by the following artists:

Ben Rath (UK) on Whitelabrecs
M. Grig (USA) on 12k
Ciro Berenguer (Spain) on Eilean Rec.
Tomotsugu Nakamura (Japan) on Audiobulb
Zoltan Fecso (Australia) on The Slow Music Movement
J Butler (USA)
Stijn Hüwels (Belgium) on Dauw
Hilsa (USA) on Youngbloods
r beny (USA) on Dauw
Alex Bober (Russia) on THESIS
WIl Bolton (UK) on Rusted Tone Recordings

Image by Alexandre Perotto courtesy of Unsplash
Source: https://unsplash.com/photos/RXAgbqWM4rI

A March Thaw // ST 2019.03.17

The charwomen of the sky, with brushes, lave and wash the fields for green, and rocks for moss, and busily polish up the earth’s dull soul. – Edwin Curran (“The March Thaw “)

A selection of quiescent drone ambient and warm electroacoustic works from recent releases by the following artists:

Porya Hatami, Aaron Martin, and Roberto Attanasio (Dronarivm)
Celer (Two Acorns)
James A. McDermid (Shimmering Moods)
Moss Covered Technology (Hibernate Recordings)
Ian Hawgood (Slowcraft Records)
Jens Pauly (Whitelabrecs)
The Gentleman Losers (Sound in Silence)
Federico Mosconi (Shimmering Moods)
El Conejo (La Petite Chambre Records)
Josh Mason (Florabelle)

Photo by Amy Hanley on Unsplash
Source: https://unsplash.com/photos/us_LOktU5lA

Hibernaculum II // ST 2019.01.27

Hibernaculum is Latin for “winter quarter”, a place where creatures seek shelter and refuge from the harsh elements while they go dormant for the season. A perfect metaphor for a selection of inviting and contemplative modern classical music. This second volume in this series features the following artists:

Nathan Shubert (on bigo & twigetti)
Ólafur Arnalds (on Mercury KX)
Julien Marchal (on Whales Records)
Sjors Mans (on piano and coffee records)
Lena Natalia
Bruno Sanfilippo (on Ad21)
Luis Berra (on 1631 Recordings)
Adrian Lane (on Preserved Sound)
Nils Frahm (on Erased Tapes(
Sophie Hutchings Music & Julia Kent (on Thesis)
Ô Lake (on Patchrock)
Last Days (on Split Music)
Federico Albanese (on Neue Meister)
Shida Shahabi (on 130701)
Tim Linghaus (on Sound in Silence)
Bing & Ruth (on 4AD)
Slow Meadow

Image by Valentin Salja courtesy of Unsplash
Image source: https://unsplash.com/photos/AqcD0Q1JLpE

Annum // ST 2019.01.08

A lingering look back at the passing year with a selection of atmospheric, and emotive ambient, electroacoustic, & drone tracks released throughout 2018. Featuring the music of the following artists:

From the Mouth of the Sun (on Lost Tribe Sound)
James Murray (on Home Normal)
Lee Yi (on Rottenman Editions)
Rafael Anton Irisarri (on Geographic North)
Gri+Mosconi (on Slowcraft Records)
Kirill Mazhai (on Fluid Audio)
Mikael Lind (on Polar Seas Recordings)
Galya Bisengalieva (on Nomad)
Emmanuel Witzthum (on Eilean Rec.)
Glåsbird (on Whitelabrecs)
offthesky (on Hidden Vibes)
Moss Covered Trechnology (on Fluid Audio)
Warmth / Pepo Galán (on Archives )

Image by DanDrew Photography
Source: https://unsplash.com/photos/tU1cHhG3U8Y