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Broadcast 04 – Sunday 29th April 2018 | This Exquisite Pain

A mix created for This Exquisite Pain curated by James A. McDermid

“Brian Housman’s Stationary Travels is one of the internet’s leading authorites when it comes to discovering and reviewing new music. Whether it’s a boutique label’s 50 cassette release, or a widescale release from a more established label, Brian’s impeccable understanding, knowledge (and love) of music has made Stationary Travels one of the most prolific, influential and respected music review sites around. Brian often supports musicians too through his Duologue interview series, also part of Stationary Travels – previous guests have included Poppy Ackroyd, Aaron Martin, Sophie Hutchings, Jane Antonia Cornish and more.

Illuminine (Jan Swerts rework)
Agnes Obel
T E Morris
Julianna Barwick
Black Elk
Black Oak
Gareth Dickson
Chihei Hatakeyama
July Skies

6 Years of Helioscope : Stationary Travels

A guest mix created to celebrate six years of Planetarium (Helioscope), an outstanding series curated by Nils Feldhus

Brian Housman from Richmond, Virginia promotes post rock, ambient, neoclassical and emotional electronica amongst other genres on his blog Stationary Travels. He is constantly looking for “music that tells stories without words and that takes you somewhere other than where you are currently sitting or standing”. STravels has been one of, if not the most influential sources of new discoveries for Planetarium since the beginning. His guestmix here is “skewed toward modern classical and a subdued, nocturnal mood” and you can hear three additional tracks from the Planetarium track pool at the end that fit this theme.

Tracklist, purchase links and art gallery : http://helioscope.net/6-years-stravels/

01 Bing & Ruth – Starwood Choker [4AD]
02 Bill Seaman – Watching from Within the Library of Melancholy Gestures [eilean]
03 Pausal – Murmuration II [dronarivm]
04 Jason van Wyk – Shimmer [Home Normal]
05 Alaskan Tapes – Because Finally It’s Everything
06 Emilía – The Sewing Room [Rottenman Editions]
07 Adrian Lane – Another Spell Than Beauty’s [Preserved Sound]
08 CEEYS – Opal Glass [1631]
09 Dustin O’Halloran – The Length of Shadows [1631]
10 From the Mouth of the Sun – A Breath to Retrieve Your Body [Lost Tribe]
11 Monty Adkins – Burnt Sun [eilean]
12 Bird Traps – Heavy Paddock

Addendum Nocturnum by Planetarium
13 How To Disappear Completely – Amaya [WithinWithout]
14 Storyspeller (語り部) – Serenum
15 Maiya Hershey – Fahrenheit [Shimmering Moods]

The Ocean Inside – For Headphone Commute

“The Ocean Inside” is a special guest mix created exclusively for Headphone Commute featuring a selection showcasing some of the brilliant ambient & electronic music coming out of Iran. 

Original post and additional listening options via HChcdi.gs/TheOceanInside

Stationary Travels started about two years ago as a journey of musical discovery (thanks in no small part to Headphone Commute, by the way). One of the first revelations I encountered was a very vibrant electronic music scene coming out of Iran. Those who have been paying attention know it encompasses much more than just ambient and modern classical, but these are the styles that have resonated the most with me personally. This mix exclusively features artists from that scene I have been listening to recently. I find each of these tracks to be captivating and rich with emotional depth and I think the music here speaks to the ocean inside all of us. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.

Siavash Amini – A Mist of Grey Light [Futuresequence]
Siavash Amini – Aliosha and the Fire [Futuresequence]
Idlefon – Reminiscence [Tympanik Audio]
Idlefon with Nima Pourkarimi – Pickers of Empty Cocoons [Tympanik Audio]
Umchunga – The Dusk, The Car, The Rain and Down in The Bottle [single]
Porya Hatami – Ladybug [Dronarivm]
Porya Hatami – Farewell [Time Released Sound]
Tegh – Down [Inner Ocean Records]
Tegh and Kamyar Tavakoli – Hollow [Hibernate]
Arash Akbari – Rays From a Dead Star [Flaming Pines]
Arash Akbari – Until Time Sits by Your Side [Soft Recordings]