New Aural Method music drops tonight!

At midnight tonight Aural Method will drop their new release on Bandcamp. That’s probably all the encouragement you need, but the teaser video is still very much worth watching. Click here to visit Aural Method on Bandcamp

The sound of memories – ‘The Years’ by The Candlepark Stars

Sometimes the short journeys can be just as rewarding as the long ones.  ‘The Years’ from The Candlepark Stars is the only track we have so far in 2013, but we are very glad Kerry Muzzey chose to release it because it is a fully realized and moving piece.  It dramatically evokes precisely what Kerry…

New from Rhian Sheehan – Stories From Elsewhere

I’ve begun listening to tracks from the new Rhian Sheehan album, ‘Stories From Elsewhere’, and the music more than fulfills the promise of the evocative artwork and the high standards that he has set for himself in previous efforts. Please don’t wait for oure full review to check it out.  It is quite lovely.

New from SubtractiveLAD – The Language of Flowers

Don’t miss this beautiful new release from Stephen Hummel under the creative moniker SubtractiveLAD.  As one review says about the album, “In many respects, the fifty-three-minute release plays like an overview of all of the stylistic places subtractiveLAD has visited during its lifespan. Highly charged episodes of ambient, post-rock, and emotional electronica appear, sometimes within…

One Twenty Five from Sagittaire (on Green Martian)

A fabulous piece of headphone music that is lush & melancholic and at the same time very infectious & dynamic. Exactly as it says in the promo, “THE big focus here is the amazing slightly gated synths with teasing underlying melodies that you want to burst out and take over completely. A masterclass in sound…