Bethan Kellough – “Black-east from the crow”


Topogram: “Black-east from the Crow”
Glossary: Northlands
Meaning: cold, dry east wind (Galloway) / stone shed (West Cornwall)

Bethan Kellough is a composer and sound artist. Connected with the spaces and places where she makes field recordings, her music combines these recordings with strings, sound design and electronics to create immersive sound-worlds. With a focus on spatial aesthetics, her work includes compositions, multichannel installations, film soundtracks, and ambisonic field recording and sound design.

Of her Place Language contribution, she says: “It’s based on a recording from a stone shed near the house I grew up in. The shed provided shelter – and a place to listen to and record the wind – and there was always a satisfying moment of relief from the inclement weather when crossing the threshold of the building.”