Siavash Amini – “Flan”

by Ashkan Noroozkhani

photo by by Ashkan Noroozkhani

Topogram: Flan”
Glossary: Northlands
Meaning: sudden gust of wind (Shetland)

Siavash Amini is a composer/producer/guitarist from Tehran, Iran. His music draws from many genres and styles including: Noise, Drone, Ambient and Modern classical. In addition to his solo albums, he has collaborated with the likes of Rafael Anton Irisarri and Greek composer and multi instrumentalist Phil Gardelis aka Zenjungle. Amini’s music has appeared on labels such as Umor Rex, Flaming Pines, Opal Tapes, and Room40 where you can find newly mastered reissues of What Whispered To the Trees and Subsiding as well as his upcoming new album Serus.