Warmth – “Llyn”


Topogram:  “Llyn
Glossary: Waterlands
Meaning: lake (Welsh)

Warmth is the alias used musician and producer Agustín Mena for his deep ambient creations which are deeply appreciated by ambient music fans around the world.  Based in Valencia, Spain, Agustín also records electronic music as SVLBRD and runs two labels – Archives and Faint.

Of his Place Language piece, he says: “I was inspired by a place a few kilometers from my house. We have a very famous national park, it’s an area of migration of numerous protected species and has the largest lake in Spain, called L’Albufera, which comes from arabic and means “little sea”. It has the most incredible sunsets and sunrises and in winter, is usually wrapped in a magic fog, due to humidity. The Muslims conquered my land, Valencia, in the year 710 and it was his until almost half of 1200, when it was conquered by Jaime I of Aragón and turned into the Kingdom of Valencia. The city had previously been of the Romans, who arrived around the year 138. Here there are still many incredible Roman remains and they called the lake ‘Nacarum Stagnum'”.