Still is the first full length album from Baltimore, MD based musician M. Ostermeier since The Rules of Another Small World released in 2011.  There is plenty of common ground between the two.  They are both released on Ostermeier’s own Tench label and they each feature sleek minimalism anchored in accessible, avant-garde leaning piano lines accompanied by sparing use of electronics.  The contrasts on the other hand are subtle, but significant enough to create two very different listening experiences.
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Recording again under the name twincities, Fletcher McDermott sums up his latest album, memoirs: to dust,in four words – “the sound of decay”.  On the record, shortly to be released by Unknown Tone Records,  he presents a sublime, occasionally gritty sonic exploration of this concept; sublime in the way it evokes the wistful allure of decay as a form of beauty in itself and gritty in the way it acknowledges decay as an agent of disintegration and decomposition, a silent and immutable force.
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