A Sense of Place: Tiny Portraits on Flaming Pines


Flaming Pines label founder Kate Carr has developed a highly regarded and multi-faceted creative practice “centered on articulating the relationship between people and place through sound”. In addition to her own sound work, she has curated a variety of wonderful conceptual series, the latest of which has seemingly unlimited potential despite its ostensibly diminutive name – Tiny Portraits.

In Listening to Noise and Silence, Salomé Voeglin talks of soundscape compositions occupying a site ‘between preservation and invention’ – an attempt by the composer or field recordist to retain the essence of a site inevitably results via the processes of recording, composition and listening in the creation of somewhere new. Tiny Portraits asks each participant to dwell on these connections and disconnections between sound and place, representation and invention by starting somewhere small, somewhere overlooked or obscure, and to interrogate this site using sound. – Kate Carr

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PREMIERE: Linear Bells & Sound Awakener – Belonging to the Infinity [Soft]

The newest release on Soft Recordings brings together Linear Bells, the primary musical alias of label founder David Teboul, and Sound Awakener, the solo music project of Vietnamese experimental sound artist Nhung Nguyen.  The album is called Belonging to the Infinity and will be released April 19.
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