‘Paelistin’ by Lucy Claire – Beautiful strings & sounds

Few things better than a quiet Saturday morning with a fresh cup of your favorite hot beverage and discovering some wonderful music you’ve never heard before. This morning, I stumbled upon the music of Lucy Claire, a classically-trained musician, composer, and recording artist based in London. I’ve really just begun to explore her many compositions and soundscapes, but a few already stand out as worth sharing right away. This is ‘Paelistin’, a piece for string quartet sumptuously wrapped in a variety of ambient electronics. It also appears on the massive SEQUENCE6 experimental music compilation from futuresequence.

About Lucy Claire 


‘Never Mind The Past’ – sublime ambient from Movements In Season by Elskavon

I was only too happy to recently discover Elskavon, the ambient music project of Chris Bartels.  On the album Movements In Season, he seamless blends acoustic and electronic blend together to create soundscapes that are warm and organic, yet spacious and dreamlike.  The self-described  goal of the album is to “drench the listener in wonderment, peace, and occasionally, when everything falls into place just right, a gentle sense of awe.”  Everything I have heard thus far indicates that hope has been realized.  This is very well crafted, pure ambient music.  Have a listen to the opening track, ‘Never Mind The Past’, and decide for yourself.

“Ruivo” – Soundcloud preview from new The Sun Aesthetic EP (on Oxide Tones)

Last year, The Sun Aesthetic released a fine album that would resonate with fans of the style of The American Dollar. In just a few days, we’ll have a new EP called Adeline.  Here, courtesy of Oxide Tones, is the track Ruivo. The bell like tones and clockwork percussion give this track a very bright & inviting vibe and promise something just a little different this time around.  After hearing this, I am really looking forward to hearing the rest on Friday.