Much like a photo journal is used to document the highlights and memories of a trip, the travelogues chronicle a musical journey based around a theme – a week in review, a label special, a group of albums with something in common, or look back on the past year.

All Travelogues 

2015 in review

Memorable journeys in Ambient (Drone)
Memorable journeys in Ambient (Electroacoustic)
Memorable journeys in Modern Classical (Experimental/Ambient)
Memorable journeys in Modern Classical (Solo/Ensemble/Chamber)
Memorable journeys in Post Rock & Electronica 
Memorable journeys in Acoustic, Folk, & Pop
Memorable journeys on EP
Various Artist Compilations and Series 

2014 in review

Top Ten Ambient (Drone / Soundscape)
Top Ten Ambient (Electroacoustic / Minimal)
Top Ten Ambient (Downtempo / Electronica)
Top Ten Modern Classical
Top Ten Post Rock
Top Ten Eclectic
A Dozen Noteworthy EPs

2013 in review

Post Rock albums (part 1)
Post Rock albums (part 2)
Post Rock EPs
Ambient/Soundscape/Downtempo albums (part 1) 
Ambient/Soundscape/Downtempo albums (part 2)
Ambient/Soundscape/Downtempo EPs
Modern Classical/Acoustic albums (part 1)
Modern Classical/Acoustic albums (part 2)
Modern Classical/Acoustic EPs
‘Out of the box’ eclectic albums

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