Exclusive premiere: ‘Theta’ from SUNLESS by To Destroy a City (N5MD)

Listen to an exclusive premiere of the stunning song ‘Theta’ from SUNLESS, by To Destroy a City due out 11.08.14.  See directly below the player for a review of the album and a link to order from N5MD on CD, MP3, FLAC, or ltd. ed. 2xLP. 

Chicago-based To Destroy A City was formed after Andrew Welch (drums/synths/programming), Jeff Anderson (guitar/keyboards), and Michael Marshall (guitar) met through various iterations of previous musical projects. Their self-titled debut album was released by n5MD in September 2011. The trio’s melding of glacial ambient soundscapes and electronica with radiant guitars and soaring melodicism was met with a warm response by fans, bloggers, and critics alike and led to a remix album the subsequent year which which included renderings from artists such as Solar Fields, Dalot, and Lights Out Asia.

In hindsight, it should be no surprise that this would be a collective that would want to take the time necessary to craft a follow up that would meet and exceed the high standard they set for themselves and that they have done with SUNLESS which also finds a home on the n5MD label and will be officially released on November 18.

Clearly the band spent the time in between albums productively as SUNLESS reflects a vibrant creativity and an impeccable attention to detail. The new record embraces the aesthetics that made the first album so alluring, but the band raises their game as well. The dynamic range on SUNLESS is huge.  Everything sounds bigger, deeper, wider, and at the same time more clean and crisp. The melodies are beautifully composed and rendered and the crescendos are chill-inducing.

‘The Messenger’ is an ideal opening track, starting with a single pulsing beat and building layer upon layer until it reaches the apex and explodes setting up the ‘Theta’ which seamless blends electronic percussion and live acoustic drumming to drive the soaring release.  Additional standout tracks are ‘Escape/Return’, which conveys an evocative, cinematic melancholia, the rousing 8 minute opus ‘Last Contact’, and the gorgeously majestic ‘Daylight Station’. This is one aural journey post rock fans will enjoy taking over and over.

SUNLESS will be available on CD/FLAC/MP3 as well as limited edition 2xLP with a limited amount in red/orange/black splatter.  Follow the link below for more information and to place an order.

Order SUNLESS from N5MD (CD/Digital/LP): http://n5md.com/discography/233/SUNLESS

Track List

  1. The Messenger
  2. Theta (listen here to an exclusive premiere)
  3. Stand Before Me
  4. Escape/Return
  5. Last Contact
  6. First Light
  7. Understanding in the Between
  8. Daylight Station
  9. Visionaries

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