Arash Akbari – Cracked Echoes [Soft Recordings]

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Arash Akbari (aka Odepth) is a musician, producer and new media artist, based in Tehran. His music explores the genres of experimental, ambient, drone and noise, utilizing electric guitar, acoustic sounds, field recording, digital synthesis and DSP to create soulful compositions and textures. Arash has also created numerous works of still and generative visual art and interactive audiovisual installations.  His newest album has just been released via Soft Recordings and what a captivating journey it turns out to be.

Mastered by none other than Lawrence English, Cracked Echoes is a soul deep collection of expansive ambient drones that seems to have eyes cast upwards toward the endless expanse and two feet planted on solid ground, a metaphorical way of saying that the tracks balance a floating space-ambient aesthetic with scratchy, earthy textures that imbue them with warmth and emotion.

Cracked Echoes accomplishes what only the best ambient records can – it envelops and transports the listener to a place of stillness and wonder.  The celestial build up of ‘All Is Gone’, the tranquil ebbing waves of ‘Until Time Sites By Your Side’, the hissing glow of ‘Passing Flares’ and the hushed choirs of ‘Pale Blue’ are the milestones on this trek through inner and outer space. And special mention must be made of the long form showpiece ‘Tomorrow’s Daylight’ which is a journey unto itself that rewards the patient listener by resolving a tension spun by ominous tones and harsh textures with a soothing and elegant outro. Viewed as whole, the album is an assured and beautiful work.

‘Until Time Sits by Your Side’