Travelogue 2018.03.11: A Modern Classical Matinee

vid1This musical weekend matinée features a collection of four beautiful modern classical compositions by Tambour, Roberto Cacciapaglia, Erland Cooper, and Fabrizio Paterlini set to video. For just a little while, leave your cares behind and enjoy the transportive magic of these musical stories. 

Tambour – “Silhouettes”

Composer and multi-instrumentalist Simon P. Castonguay revisits his Tambour project to create an expansive and wonderfully lyrical new track called “Silhouettes” aided by an ensemble consisting of Pietro Amato (Arcade Fire) on french horn and the ‘Mommies on the run’ string quartet (Mélanie Bélair, Annie Gadbois, Ligia Paguin, Mélanie Vaugeois known for work with Patrick Watson and Ariane Moffatt among others).  The tender piano lines, fervent strings, and soaring outro create a perfect backdrop for an imaginative and inspiring realization by film director Vincent René-Lortie.

“The story that will be told in this video is the innocent vision of a little girl, Amelie, who imagines playing hide-and-seek with her older sister, Sara, in the woods. As they are playing, Sara finds Amelie unconscious behind a tree….”

The song “Silhouettes” can be purchased as a digital single on the Moderna Records Bandcamp.

Roberto Cacciapaglia – “Outdoor”  (from Quarto Tempo)

Italian composer Roberto Cacciapaglia has released a new double CD deluxe edition of his beloved 2007 recording Quarto Tempo on the album’s tenth anniversary. In addition to remastered version of the original twelve tracks accompanied by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, the anniversary edition includes solo piano interpretations of eleven of the songs which offer a more intimate way to experience to effusive beauty of the original tracks as well as a new version his song “The Boy Who Dreamed Aeroplanes”.  The official video for the lovely piece “Outdoor” features the composer at his piano interspersed with scenes around London, the “Symbolic homeland” of the original album.

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Erland Cooper – “Solan Goose”

Previously involved in bands such as The Magnetic North and Erland and the Carnival as well as numerous film and TV projects, Scottish composer & multi-instrumentalist Erland Cooper will soon release a debut solo album which is rooted in the landscape, atmosphere, and dialect of his childhood home.

“Having grown up on the Scottish archipelago of Orkney, he wrote this work as a response to ease anxiety and claustrophobia working in a city. It explores the borders between electronic, alternative and classical music while creating for him and the listener a work of balance and calm – a kind of liminal space. Each song is entitled with a bird name but in local ‘Orcadian’ dialect. It’s a record to travel to, and evokes themes of migration, restoration and childhood memory.”

The stunning video presented here was directed by Alex Kozobolis and offers the perfect visuals to accompany Cooper’s gorgeous evocation of the mystery, beauty, and maritime life of these ancient islands and musical dreams of flight.

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Fabrizio Paterlini – “Snow” (from Winter Stories)

Having experimented with string arrangements and electronica in last year’s Secret Book, Fabrizio Paterlini returns to the purity of the solo piano for Winter Stories, an intimate collection of enchanting improvisations which he recorded and streamed live from his home at the rate of one track per day for six days. The video presented here is for “Snow” which was recorded on day 6.  The complete album, which is now available on both CD and limited edition clear vinyl, includes two additional bonus tracks which were not streamed live, but also have videos. To see the complete collection, visit Fabrizio’s YouTube channel.

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