Sound Impression: Light by Chronovalve

One of the silver linings of a miserable year has been the reemergence of a number of artists we’ve enjoyed in years past putting out new releases for the first time in quite a while. Among them is Chronovalve, a project from sound artist & musician Mike Engebretson. Brought to us once again by the Home Normal, Light is the long-awaited follow up to his 2013 debut on the label and it is a thing of beauty. Taking its title very much to heart, this is a suite of brightly illuminated music brimming with optimism.

Even in the most ordinary moments of life, one can get a feeling that there is an inspiration, a light trying to reach through to us. A person, a place, a sound or a song might unexpectedly open us to that light. These songs are inspired by, and explore that experience…that hope… that possibility…

Mike Engebretson (Chronovalve)

Fusing billowy ambient atmospheres with orchestral synths, choral voicings, and uplifting melodies, the songs on Light evoke a kind of euphoric calm and wide-eyed stillness. This must be what it sounds like to lose all ballast and rise into the troposphere. In times as dark as these, music as bright and open-hearted as this is welcome indeed.

Links: Bandcamp | Chronovalve | Home Normal

Light is now available from Home Normal in CD edition limited to 200 copies as well as digital download & streaming. The album was mastered by Ian Hawgood and features cover art by Engebretson himself.