VIDEO PREMIERE: At the End of the Day, It Felt Like a Goodbye by Sven Laux and Logic Moon

Sven Laux is a German composer and freelance sound designer based in Berlin who takes a cinematic approach to electronic ambient music built on a modern classical framework of violin, cello, and piano. Tobias Lorsbach is an artist from Mainz with a background in multiple genres including techno and metal who makes guitar oriented ambient & drone music under the moniker of Logic Moon. Their new album The Unavoidable Death of Loneliness, which was conceived during the early days of pandemic isolation, is such a seamless and potent blend of complementary styles that it is hard to believe it is the first time these two artists have collaborated.

The album speaks to loneliness on a more familiar and fundamental level – that of unexpected loss.

Together they have created an expressionist journey that flows river-like over the course of eight meticulously detailed and sumptuously layered tracks that ruminate on the range of emotions rooted in a shared experience we have all come to know to well, including the composers – despair, anguish, confusion and exhilaration. It is a river in constant flux and movement as melodic piano and guitar lines tug against tenebrous strings and pulsing rhythms while old amplifiers, radios and tape recorders are deployed to add an element of human connection and warmth. The music winds its way through some dark places, but as the title suggests there is always a glimmer of hope on the horizon that the loneliness will end before it ends us.

You can start the journey right here with this exclusive premiere of a new video created for the album’s fourth track, “At the End of the Day, It Felt Like a Goodbye” with visuals from David Gallie which take us on an immersive trek through a sepia-tinted landscape.

Footage by David Gallie

Links: Bandcamp (CD/digital) | Sven Laux | Logic Moon

The Unavoidable Death of Loneliness is available now from the Amsterdam-based Ambientologist label both digitally and as a limited edition CD featuring artwork by Maliana Wang. The album was mastered by Ian Hawgood.