PREMIERE: “Elin” from Tjärn by Klangriket [Piano and Coffee Records]


Klangriket is a pseudonym chosen by Fabian Rosenberg for his explorations in solo piano and experimental ambient music which he began in 2016 as he sought to find his own voice as a composer and producer and to create an identity apart from the one developed during the preceding years with trumpet and jazz. While there have been sundry singles and sketches as well as a fine studio collaboration with Sjors Mans released last year, the most complete artifact of that period is Rosenberg’s beautiful new 4-track EP Tjärn soon to be released by Piano and Coffee Records.

For the first time here you can listen to the opening track “Elin”, a beguiling introspection consisting of delicate piano intertwined with textural filigree and aching strings.

The remaining three tracks prove equally mesmerizing but distinct in character. “Björk” begins with a melancholic piano accompanied by crackling textures that eventually dissolves into lush, windswept ambiance while “Ljusterö” offers an intimate solo piano sketch that demonstrates Rosenberg’s gift for both melody and restraint. But it is the seven-plus minute closing track “Skogsrå” that is perhaps the showpiece of the record, a haunting mini-epic in a Scandinavian noirish mood bathed in the neon glow of incandescent electronics. The end of a journey or the prelude to a new beginning? Happily, it seems Tjärn  is both. 

Tjärn will be available September 28 From Piano and Coffee Records in a limited vinyl-effect CD edition (50 copies) as well as digital download & streaming.

Links:  Bandcamp (CD/Digital) Fabian Rosenberg  |  Piano & Coffee Co.


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