Sound Impression: Seascapes by Jane Antonia Cornish


Having immersed us in the empyrean beauty of the cosmos with last year’s Constellations, BAFTA award-winning composer Jane Antonia Cornish turns her gaze from the heavenly to the pelagic on her new record, an exceptional new collection of cyclical works for piano, strings, bass guitar, & electronics entitled Seascapes. Once again, Cornish achieves a consummate balance between painterly eloquence, cinematic grandeur, and refined minimalist expression as she captures the vastness and wonder of her chosen subject framed in contemplative stillness.

In our 2017 duologue with Cornish following the release of her third album. she remarked how she is “intrigued by silence” and “how space and quiet within music is as important as sound”.  This aesthetic abounds on Seascapes and is clearly reflected in the exquisite performances that bring the pieces to life including featured pianist Vicky Chow.  Music about the sea may be easy to find in any genre, but the kind of patient and profound beauty on display here is of the rarest kind.

Links:  Bandcamp  |  Jane Antonia Cornish

Seascapes is now available as a digital download or a signed CD edition.  The album and accompanying video features images by Australian photographer Ben Bugden.


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