Sound Impression: Clem Leek – America [YEN]

There always been something quite personal in the music of Clem Leek. Trained as a pianist from a young age and now a developed into a composer, sound artist, sound designer, and multi-instrumentalist, he has drawn heavily on his surroundings and life experiences from the very start; consider the misty, overcast reflections of growing up in England on Holly Lane (2010) and the intimate piano & guitar based sketches of Lifenotes (2011) and Rest (2013). The past year has apparently been on one of significant change for Leek and this is reflected in his latest opus and third studio album entitled America. 

“America is a reflection of Clem’s personal transition from Europe to the U.S. Each track refers to new experiences, both information and sensory. Moving from the countryside to the city brought about a plethora of new friends, landscapes and routines and this is reflected in the new styles, instruments and techniques that have bled into the album. “

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Video Premiere: Composer Michael Price talks about the process of ‘Diary’

Diary is a new collection of thirty solo piano improvisations by Bafta-nominated and Emmy award-winning composer Michael Price, a bounteous and enchanting offering that any lover of contemporary classical music would be more than happy to take at face value. But, Diary is more than a simple collection of songs; it is a window into very creative process of the composer. Compiled over a six-week period, Price began each working day with a new improvisational piece recorded in a single take, allowing the project to unfold as an unguarded and unedited musical journal of his thoughts, mood, and level of inspiration.

In this video, the disarmingly self-effacing Price pulls back the curtain even further as he talks about the project and the sometimes surprising patterns and insights it had to reveal.


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PREMIERE: Lucien by Freya Lily

Enjoy an exclusive premiere of the beautiful new song “Lucien” from the forthcoming debut solo piano EP by Freya Lily. Due for release on March 23, ‘The Dream’ will be available on Spotify, iTunes, and other digital outlets. 

Born in the Devonshire countryside and now based in London, Freya Lily has been studying classical piano and composing for years, but due to stage fright, she had never played her work to others until a chance encounter at a party where she discovered an upright piano in a side room and decided to test out some recent compositions. After playing, she turned around to discover the rest of the house party now in the room and received an overwhelming response to what became an albeit impromptu first outing for her music.

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Travelogue 2017.01.29 – Exploring Past, Present and Future With 36


In the space of ten months, Dennis Huddleston has released three albums from his experimental ambient project 36 (pronounced three-six). Far from making music to simply zone or chill out to, Huddleston often weaves rich thematic and imaginative material into his sonic tapestries for an especially emotive and cerebral listening experience. Considered together, this trio of albums cover a vast perspective spanning past, present, and future. 

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Alex Kozobolis – Weightless [Futuresequence]

Alex Kozobolis could be seen as something of a creative nomad and a sort of renaissance man. He is a filmmaker and an outstanding photographer whose work runs the gamut from capturing fellow musicians in portrait and live performance, artistic album covers, and mesmerizing abstract images. He also composes music which until now had only been released in digital form. That changes with his forthcoming new record entitled Weightless, a collection of four solo piano miniatures followed by comparatively more expansive reworks created by Tom Adams, Siavash Amini, Hedia, and Transept which is to be released in striking vinyl and CD editions.

“The remixes and their respective artists were meticulously considered and approached with the intention of creating a cohesive album rather than a fundamentally detached congregation of unrelated pieces of music. Each artist was asked to interpret not only the music but also the title of the tracks..  The result, i think, and hope, is something which you’ll be able to listen to from start to finish and feel consistently engaged by…” – Alex Kozobolis

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Travelogue 2016.12.14: Seas of Tranquility


Calmly transportive. Blissfully adrift. Hazy and translucent. A listening journey with four exceptional albums from around the globe that delve into the idyllic side of ambient and electronic music created by The Green Kingdom (USA), Chihei Hatakeyama (Japan), Warmth (Spain), and James Murray (UK).

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Various Artists – Hawk Moon Records Volume V

On the western edge of England’s South Downs National Park, the city of Winchester is home to the famous Winchester Cathedral and a historic & cultural heritage spanning from the Iron Age to the Victorian era. It is also home to a net label that should be well-known to fans of experimental instrumental music called Hawk Moon Records which has just released its fifth compilation, a generous collection of stellar ambient, electronic, modern classical, and post rock tracks by 26 different artists.  As with volume IV, the proceeds from the sale of the album will go to a very worthy cause, in this case Naomi House & Jacksplace which provides hospice care to hundreds of life-limited and life-threatened children, young people and their extended families across central southern England.

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Sound Impression – Jazzdefector – Solo [Whitelabrecs]

“Just trying to slow the world down” is Sebastian Buccheri‘s pithy summation of his Jazzdefector music project. And slow the world down he does with the reverb-saturated aural webs he creates as a backdrop to his intimate jazz-inflected compositions and improvisations a dozen of which comprise his newest album Solo recently released on Whitelabrecs.

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Sound Impression: Mt. Judge – Songs for July & August

Mt. Judge is a project from London-based musician Tom White. Arguably a bit underexposed and underappreciated in the ambient community, his releases consistently offer an evocative coalescence of interesting field recordings and warm, expansive drones along with an adherence to minimalist simplicity as conveyed by the monochromatic album covers.

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Travelogue 2016.11.07: The Consequences of Collaboration part 1

I have to confess that when I first saw a release entitled The Exquisite Corpse from Bigo & Twigetti, I almost looked past it anticipating something of a morbid aesthetic. What a mistake that would have been. In fact, it is a reference to a game of chance and collaboration rooted in the Surrealist movement, a variant of which is also known as Consequences. The original idea was to construct a sentence, poem, story, or picture with a predetermined structure by having each participant add just one portion while only being able to see only the most recent contribution – the whole is not revealed until the very end.  Inspired by this, the London-based experimental modern classical label has applied the concept musically choosing Moderna Records as their creative partners.

“Taking Leah Kardos ‘Little Phase’ from our Summer compilation as it’s starting point, the piece will be reworked by a series of composers and producers to create an album of tracks which continually evolve as each new version is passed from one artist to another, adding to and transforming material from the original piece.” – Bigo & Twigetti

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Dead Light – Dead Light [Village Green]


Dead Light is a new project from pianist Anna Rose Carter and composer/producer Ed Hamilton which came into being after they moved from London to a remote space in the English countryside. Their eponymous debut has been released by Village Green, a record the label calls a “sonic ethnography that contemplates a personal narrative of transition and identity”, an apt summation of the artists’ own description.

“The migration out of the sprawling metropolis to their new rural refuge was a transition that significantly impacted them both; the reality of this new setting an apposition between the serene nature of their new life, and the dislocation from the lives, people and places that they left behind; two conflicting sentiments that co-exist in a somehow beautiful, bitter-sweet relationship. Dead Light is the tension between these two states, a textured and imperfect dream world.” –

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Travelogue 2016.10.16: An Americana Dream

Take a listening journey with four albums by six artists steeped in masterful primitive folk guitar and rich echoes of Americana with an avant spirit of experimentation and imagination.  Featuring Seabuckthorn, Nevada Greene, Scott Tuma, Dylan Golden Aycock, Lake Mary, and M. Sage

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