Through A Musical Lens: In the Company of Insects (OST by Richard Luke)

Following the death of his grandfather, Duncan Cowles found comfort and distraction by filming insects in his back garden. From that came his 10-minute short film “In the Company of Insects” which can be most concisely described as “a deadpan meditation on the end of life” done in a unique style the BAFTA Scotland Award winning filmmaker has made very much his own. The comic banality of Cowles’ narration is more real and relatable than any maudlin drama he might have tried to conjure up while the macro shots of a microscopic world provides a surprisingly poignant perspective on his life and, by extension, our own. But behind this is a weighty subject and a heavy heart, a dimension of the film that is well served by a truly beautiful soundtrack composed & performed by Richard Luke along with Rufus Huggan on cello and Brian McGinley on flugelhorn.

Take the time to watch the film and you’ll no doubt smile knowingly at Cowles droll observations and self-deprecating humor while being mesmerized by the creatures crawling across the screen, but the music is there in the background with just the right amount of ballast an gravitas to make this unlikely combination work to convey both the absurdity and the pain of grief to powerful effect. Giving further insight into this, Cowles put together a lovely behind the scenes video which focuses on the recording process while staying within the character of the film itself.

You can listen right here to part two of the 3-part soundtrack and see below for links to stream music as well as to watch the completed film.

Watch the finished film “In the Company of Insects” HERE

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