Sound Impression: The Perception of Invisible Forms by Lee Yi

Perception Of Invisible Forms is a release that marks two occasions – the 10th anniversary of Lee Yi as a recording artist and the inauguration of a new series of digital offerings from the Rottenman Editions imprint which previously only released bespoke limited editions. The notion the label will be expanding their catalog in this way is good news and this succinct compendium of the Málaga based musician’s work over the years is a perfect way to start it off.

The deep, soulful undulations of the title track are book-ended by a pair of Lee’s early unreleased recordings going all the way back to the summer of 2013. “Estellers” (The Pyre) is one of his first guitar orchestration pieces, an elegiac work that we are told represents the beginning of his characteristic sound. “Silver Cencer” is a more austere piece with isolated guitar lines drifting in a diaphanous cloud that condenses and decays into a swirl of distortion. For those who, like me, have long admired the beauty and intensity of his music, this EP comes as a special treat. For those not yet familiar, it is a fine place to start.

Links: Bandcamp | Rottenman Editions (Tumblr)