Premiere: Interior 03 by FAX

Best known as FAX, Rubén Alonso Tamayo is one of Mexico’s most prolific electronic musicians for the past two decades. His work stretches from minimal techno to contemplative landscapes, the latter of which is on majestic display in an upcoming new release on Rottenman Editions. Enclosure is a suite of six interior soundscapes which feature expansive undulating drones subtly teeming with percussive textures, static oscillations, and flickering electronics. Acknowledging a year spent in isolation and enclosed spaces, it is an album that takes the listener deep into liminal territories of the mind as it contemplates “beauty and chaos” and “the seasons that change in front of us”.

In this exclusive first preview, you can immerse yourself in “Interior 03”. The track captures a moment of ominous apprehension that develops in the central section of the album following the more peaceful ruminations of the opening tracks and the near orchestral grandeur of the final coda. At its zenith, the drone reaches an almost feverish intensity something like the stirring of a hive, but the tension finally breaks to reveal the intricate sound design and ornamentation that was lurking in the deeper layers.

Links: Bandcamp (pre-orders begin Mar 22) | FAX website

Limited edition cassette and digital downloads of Enclosure will be released on March 27, 2021. The album was mastered by Lee Yi and photography by Alicia Tsuchiya. You can hear more recent work by FAX on his collaboration with Braulio Lam entitled Mixed Signals which was released earlier this year on Dragon’s Eye Recordings.