Video Premiere: Paid Respects by BPMoore

Recording under the moniker of BPMoore, London-based composer & multi-instrumentalist Ben Moore will release his second full-length album this summer, an equally open-hearted follow up to the uplifting Komorebi (Rhodium Publishing, 2020). If I Don’t See You Again finds Moore once again responding with defiant positivity to weighty existential themes like isolation and loss with twelve compositions that build on his approach to blending effusive melodies and rich neoclassical arrangements with intricate but exhilarating drums & percussion. The music has inspiriting energy that extends itself toward the listener like an outstretched hand as if to say “I’m here. It’s going to be okay. We’re in this together…”.

This album was born out of my own longing for connection with other humans over the past few years…It’s a need to reach out and be in the moment as though it might be the last time we see each other.

The track titles hint at Moore reaching exploring this theme from a variety of perspectives some of which are directly connected to events in his life. A case in point is “Paid Respects” which he wrote while a funeral was taking place for a family member which he was unable to attend due to pandemic travel restrictions. Sharing that he views it as being far from “a downer of track”, Moore says that he intended it rather as a way of sharing with family and friends in reflecting upon and celebrating a life lived and the positive effects that person had on others. Extending this to a collaborative context, that concept weaves its way into a touching video developed for the piece that illustrates an interpretation of the music written by poet Arji Manuelpillai through the animation of Robin Lane-Roberts which you can enjoy here in an exclusive premiere.

Animation by Robin Lane-Roberts; story by Arji Manuelpillai

In funerals I have attended in the past, I have found myself not really being able to reflect, celebrate or say goodbye properly, as I was too busy trying to be strong instead. So, on this occasion I shared in the best way I felt I could, by letting go and letting the music take over. It became a celebration of life lived, for those who are and are no longer with us.

If I Don’t See You Again is offered in a limited double vinyl LP edition in addition to digital download and streaming and will be released July 30, 2021 by Rhodium Publishing. The album was mixed by Sara Carter and mastered by Nathan Moody.