ALBUM PREMIERE: This Light by Stray Theories

Born in Australia and based in New Zealand, Micah Templeton-Wolfe has composed music across a wide range of media over the past decade and a half including film & documentary soundtracks, commercials, sound design projects and art installations. He may be better known to some by his Stray Theories alias under which he has created several first rate albums informed by his early explorations of electronic music and a growing interest in minimal ambient, post-rock, shoegaze and experimental electronica. This week will see the release of his first all new studio material under that moniker since 2018’s All That Was Lost .

This Light is an emotive sonic journey that finds Templeton-Wolfe adding cinematic elements to the Stray Theories sound to give it even wider scope and greater depth of field as the music effortlessly transitions from moments of deep introspection to palatial atmospheric beauty while leaving space between the layers to let the elements that compose them to shine. Have a listen for yourself with this exclusive preview of the complete album before its release tomorrow.

Links: Bandcamp | n5MD | About Stray Theories

This Light will be available beginning October 8, 2021 both digitally and in a limited edition transparent copper vinyl LP edition from Oakland, California based n5MD label featuring artwork by Dirk Wuestenhagen. A bundle is also available that includes the light blue transparent vinyl edition of All That Was Lost (see Bandcamp link above).