Sound Impression: Restful Spaces by Harry Towell and Guy Gelem

A collaboration between two fathers-to-be separated by over 2000 miles, Restful Spaces makes an eloquent case for the universality of musical expression and its ability to connect people. The album was created by composer & sound artist Harry Towell (aka Spheruleus) based in Lincolnshire, UK and Israeli cellist/guitarist/composer Guy Gelem during the period awaiting the birth of their respective daughters Emily and Neta. Each track name represents a place which holds special memories for one or the other and their stated aim was to create a restful listening space as a sort of lullaby dedicated to their children.

Thanks to the consummate skills & sensibilities of these two artists and the complementary nature of their respective compositional styles, the spaces they create afford more than a modicum of peaceful solace to their adult listeners as well. Each piece a lucid dream softly shaded, shimmering, and lovingly etched with delicate filigree. We have been reminded too often of late of how cruel and uncaring this world can be. Taking a little time to commune with music as kindly disposed and beautiful as this is both a comfort and a joy.


Restful Spaces is now available digitally and in a limited CD edition from Polar Seas Recordings. The album was mastered by Ian Hawgood and features photography by Harry Towell.