A coming together of a musical kind, Collisions is a new project from pianist/clarinetist Tom Hodge, multi-instrumentalist Ciaran Morahan, and drummer Ollie Howell that lives up to its name, a meeting of creative forces that creates a dynamic exchange of energy. The origins of the project go all the way back to 2009 when Hodge produced a remix for Morahan’s band Codes In The Clouds through London label Erased Tapes. More than a decade after their initial introduction, during which time they shared various stages and collaborated on other music, they decided to create a record together. The final piece fell into place with the arrival of Howell to the project bringing the sonic dynamics of jazz-infused acoustic drums into the mix along with Hodge’s piano & clarinet and Morahan’s analog synths and post-rock sensibilities. In addition to their considerable musical chops, all three band members have composed music for high-profile film and tv projects which allows them to bring their ideas to life in an especially imaginative and cinematic way.

Where there is collision, there is inevitably motion.

These concepts not only permeate the music, they are expressed in the compositional framework of the eponymous debut album which alternates between ‘Collisions’ tracks and ‘Motion’ tracks; the former being more propulsive and kinetic while the latter are comparatively more free-flowing and peregrine in nature. Such a potent, immersive sonic landscape is deserving of great imagery to complement it and the generative art created by Cath Elliot for the project do not disappoint as they serve to lend it a captivating visual identity that lives in real time. Have a look & listen for yourself with this preview of “III” along with the mesmerizing visualizer created by Elliott in collaboration with Daniel Molnar and Bileam Tschepe.

directed by Cath Elliott in collaboration with Daniel Molnar and Bileam Tschepe

Each individual part of the music creates a series of seemingly living particles, colliding and reacting in real time; constantly moving, evolving and pulsating as the music shifts. These generative shapes then morph effortlessly into particle-based metaverse versions of the band members themselves, emerging and performing live as if appearing from the ever-moving ether.

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Collisions self-titled release will be available September 9 from Naïve Records, a Parisian label specializing in electronic music, pop music, jazz and classical music.