Bruno Bavota – Out of the Blue [Sono Luminus]


One imagines there is no shaking hands with Neapolitan composer Bruno Bavota, just hugs the kind of which shatter pretension and forge a lasting human connection. It is a sense that comes across in his music which is characterized by utterly disarming sincerity and an outpouring of pure unguarded emotion that touches every note of every song.  For the past six years, he has been spreading his music quite literally around the world, performing in Italy, France, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Switzerland, UK, Iceland, Latvia, and Japan and playing sold-out shows in Russia and Ukraine. This past spring, he crossed the Atlantic to record his latest record at the impressive Sono Luminus Studios in the rural town of Boyce, Virginia. Out of the Blue is everything we have come to expect from Bruno, but with greater depth, resonance, and luster than ever before.

This album…has a lot of meaning for me. “Out of the Blue” is an informal English language idiom that describes an event that occurs unexpectedly, without any warning or preparation; It’s also a perfect way to describe my music. I always try to tell all the things that happen in my life day by day along with the emotions humankind embraces.Bruno Bavota


The songs themselves are like short stories, sketches, and scenes. Some seek to capture a pure and simple feeling (“Heartbeat”, “Warm Embrace”) or a moment in time (“Lovers”, “Snow”). Others recreate an image or sense of place such as “Marea” which emulates the rhythms of the tide or “Dusk in the East”, Bavota’s musical memory of evenings touring in Eastern Europe and Japan. There is symbolism in the exquisitely layered “Passengers” and “Mr. Rail” which references a literary character created by Alessandro Barrico who is always traveling without a destination.  Especially affecting is “Breath”, a re-recording of one Bavota’s earliest compositions with a rich new sonority and effulgent strings that go straight to the heart. Musically sophisticated, but emotionally direct, Out of the Blue is a truly lovely and very human record. Let it give you a big hug.

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