A Sense of Place: Kinbrae – Tidal Patterns [1631 Recordings]


Kinbrae is a musical project from twin brothers Andrew & Michael Truscott, based in Edinburgh and Dundee Scotland. Having shared the stage with musicians such as Hauschka, Noveller and Lubomyr Melnyk and featured as session musicians on records by Scottish artists such as The Twilight Sad, We Were Promised Jetpacks and De Rosa, the solo project they have nurturing for the better part of two years will see its debut in the form of Tidal Patterns, inspired by a year spent on the Isle of Coll in Scotland’s Inner Hebrides.

‘Tidal Patterns’ is an album that explores remoteness, seclusion and the feelings that these can evoke. It confronts the apprehension and doubt often experienced when starting afresh and escaping comfort zones as well as embracing new ways of life in an unfamiliar environment…The album makes use of the unique sounds that can be heard on the island, gathered through field recordings depicting the wildlife, culture and ambience of the remote region.


The compositional framework of the album was constructed from piano and brass which the Truscotts fleshed out with not only with the field recordings they gathered, but a medley of analog & electronic instruments – (synthesizers, percussion, guitar, organ, celesta, & kalimba) and some guest musicians – Nichola Kerr (viola), Rachel Wilson (cello/vocal), and Andy Bush.

From the perspective of the listener, however, the album can be seen as the musical diary of a day spent on the remote island as the titles & sequencing of the tracks clearly follow a progression from the diffuse glow of morning twilight (“The Dawn Chorus”) into the starry night (“Constellations”). “5:45”, “Aerial View”,  and “Lonban at Dawn” provide a gentle, but invigorating awakening thanks to the exuberant horn sections which convey the triumph of optimism over apprehension and doubt.

“Isolated Sketch” provides a concise snapshot of island life before the light of day begins to fade in “Lonban at Dusk” and “Dark Skies”. The brass and strings of the penultimate “Malin” swell and resonate with emotion as a prelude to the sprawling final coda which is both reflective and imbued with a sense of wonder as a starlit blanket of night unfurls. The sun has risen and set. The tide has come in and gone out. The day’s journey is complete and a new day awaits in this very special place. Thanks to the uplifting music of Kinbrae, it is a place and a journey to which we can always return.

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Tidal Patterns will available November 4 on CD, digital, and limited edition gatefold 12″ vinyl from 1631 Recordings. Each physical edition features  artwork by local Isle of Coll designer Ross Evans and 35mm photography by Andy Truscott.