Album Stream: Melding by Marika Takeuchi [bigo & twigetti]


Composer and pianist Marika Takeuchi has been involved with music her entire life. She began studies in classical music at the tender age of three in her native Japan and, at age 18, went on to study composition at Shobi Music College in Tokyo and do early career work for Japanese national radio and Universal Music Japan. In 2009, she moved to the United States to study film scoring at Berklee College of Music and saw the release of here first solo album ‘Night Dream’ before graduating in 2012. Since then, she has continued to work on a wide variety of projects as a composer, pianist, orchestrator, and arranger while continuing to release solo recordings such as ‘Impressions’ (2013), ‘Rain Stories’ (2014), and ‘Colors in the Diary’ (2016) which was produced by Windham Hill founder & Grammy-winning producer Will Ackerman and features cellist Eugene Friesen and Boston Symphony Orchestra violinist Si-Jing Huang.

And that is just for starters. In just a few days, Takeuchi will be releasing her fifth album entitled ‘Melding‘, this time on London-based contemporary classical label bigo & Twigetti available here in an exclusive full album stream. It is a vibrant record which radiates her passion for classical impressionism and dedication to the healing power of music. One can hear elements of traditional classical, new age, electronica, and even rock in the lively arrangements, a melding of styles indeed. Perhaps the title also hints at the blending of eastern and western motifs which is evident in the graceful and effusive melodies. Steering well clear of the shadowy borderlands wherein lie melancholy, opaque abstraction, and dissonance, this is music that is effervescent, uplifting, and emotionally direct with an unabashedly romantic and inspiriting vibe.

Links: Bandcamp | bigo & twigetti | Marika Takeuchi

Melding will be available to the public on July 19 from bigo & twigetti and was composed, arranged, performed, programmed, and produced by Takeuchi with guest musicians Navid Hejazi (violin/viola) and Ro Rowan cello. Also included is a beautifully textured rework of the song “Found” by label runner, musician, & composer Jim Perkins.