PREMIERE: “A Walk With Mr. J” from Ancestral Dances by Luis Berra [1631 Recordings]


Search as you might across the web, you won’t a great many words about pianist/composer Luis Berra. In part that may be because his debut album (‘Piano Creatures‘, 2017) came out only last year. To some extent, however, it appears that the Italian-born musician, who currently lives & works in Bavaria, simply prefers to let his piano do the talking. Whether teaching at a music school, performing on a stage or in the lobby of a luxury hotel, or recording in the studio, it is how he tells his stories and he does it with an eloquent and mellifluous voice. This is abundantly evident on his sophomore outing entitled ‘Ancestral Dances’, a splendid solo piano record that gracefully soars, sways and pirouettes through a dozen narratives spun from ivory keys and wooden hammers.

The first single from the album which you can listen to here in an exclusive preview is “A Walk With Mr. J”. What is the story behind this piece?  That is Berra’s to tell when he is ready, but the lilting cadence and tender conversational melody piques our interest and beguiles the imagination. The song also whets the appetite for the remaining tales to be told, a colorful anthology that is richly redolent of place, time and memory.


Ancestral Dances will be available from November 2 via 1631 Recordings and features cover photography by Katharina Jung.

fotoluis due 2018