Track Premiere: Thought Forms by Purple Decades

Thought Forms Cover

Over the past four years Cincinnati-based composer, pianist, & producer Tristan Eckerson has released five full length records and more than an album’s worth of singles, almost all of them focused on solo piano. While that aspect of his career shows no signs of slowing down (exhibit A: the lovely “Hendelse” released in June), Eckerson found time to launch a brand new ambient project this past spring under the moniker of Purple Decades. May 2020 saw the release of the debut single, “Adriatic”, which was followed up by “Kyoto” in July and now “Thought Forms” which will be available later this month.

Inspired by the minimal works of Jon Hopkins and Ryuichi Sakamoto, electronic and organic textures and ambience have taken the place of the piano as shimmering melodic shapes undulate against the backdrop of a warm, enveloping soundscape. It is an immersive piece of music quite unlike anything Eckerson has created before and which whets the appetite to see how this new project will continue to unfold.

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“Thought Forms” will be released August 21, 2020. Pre-orders are now available.