Sound Impression: Shall We Go Out Into the Light by Charlie Coxedge

Since embarking on a journey as a solo artist with his 2017 debut Cloisters on Simon Raymonde & Robin Guthrie’s Bella Union label, musician and writer Charlie Coxedge has been using layers of guitar to sculpt gorgeous soundscapes that are as melancholic as they are atmospheric. Gathering pace with the second of two albums this year, he follows up the spiraling polychromatic threads of full-length springtime release Big Top (This Is It Forever) with a deeply introspective two-track EP entitled Shall We Go Out Into the Light.

The elegiac “Always Watching” ushers in the music with a wistful refrain oscillating into open space which is soon filled with shimmering strands of guitar wrapping their tendrils around the melody to haunting effect. The title track is a more sprawling affair with gleaming fragments of guitar and soft textures highlighting the contours of a frayed melody. It is hard to escape a sense of loss and regret that grows while listening, yet one has to marvel at how beautifully and delicately it has been put together. Also featuring in the piece is a looped recording of voices that seeps in and out as if appearing in a dream and that is what Shall We Go Out Into the Light ultimately feels like by the end – a deep and solitary reverie from which there is no hurry to stir.