Sound Impression: Peter Broderick Plays Justin Wright


During these difficult days, simple pleasures are something to cherish, all the more so when they are as artistically rewarding as this lovely new offering from First Terrace Records. The A-side of this gem of an EP features Peter Broderick performing a pair of solo piano reworks of songs taken from Canadian cellist Justin Wright‘s outstanding 2019 release Music For Staying Warm (Sleepless Records). Side B is occupied with the Wright’s own extended mix of “Drone III: Saudade” from the same album embroidered with snippets of conversations and field recordings taken from the original recording sessions in the remote Banff Centre in Canada.

Links:  Bandcamp  |  Justin Wright | Peter Broderick

An artist with a broad musical range, Broderick takes a less-is-more approach here giving both “Modular Winter” and “Flutes” stately, elegant treatment with bold, clear strokes that accentuate their beautiful melodies. On the flip side, “Drone III (Extended Mix)” takes advantage of the original composition’s deliberate lack of fixed rhythms to linger in the empyrean beauty of a poignant musical dialog between Wright and violinist Kate Maloney while highlighting its exquisite textures & timbres and lulling the listener into a state of wistful contemplation.

Peter Broderick Plays Justin Wright is now available in a limited 12″ vinyl edition of 150 each a hand-stamped & numbered white label as well as a digital download.

Justin Wright