Video Premiere: Earnest Leslye by Peter Broderick


Running from late June into August, Moderna Records‘ 2020 Summer Single Series presents a stellar collection of piano-centered pieces ‘made in isolation’ by a collective of pianists/composers spanning the globe. Working in the constraints of forced isolation, the artists have primarily worked from home or in stripped down settings to create intimate works the label suggests are “reflective, tender and hopeful, painting a portrait of our shared experience of this moment in history”.

Contributing artist Peter Broderick is a multi-instrumentalist and composer who grew up in Oregon, but has lived most of his adult life in Europe and is currently based in Ireland with his family. Many readers may know his work from the renowned Danish group Efterklang (with whom he toured extensively for five years) to his solo records on such labels as Bella Union and Erased Tapes as well as his many collaborations and work for film, TV & modern dance.

I am over the moon to be able to premiere Broderick’s composition for the series entitled “Earnest Leslye” with its bright forward-looking piano melody that rises above shimmering waves of weightless synths and points true north toward the hopeful outlook the series embodies. It is made that much more special when accompanied by this exquisite Super 8 film created by Adrian Cousins which he shot in London just before the lockdown on vintage Kodak Ektachrome 7242 film originally manufactured in 1976. The warm sepia tones and patina of nostalgia offers a perfectly weighted ballast to the lightness of Broderick’s music.

LinksStream/Pre-SaveSingles Series (Bandcamp)  |  Peter Broderick

I shoot Super 8 and 16mm film, hand processing it in custom chemistry. My work is consciously amateur, with a focus on recording life and moments, often focussing on the tiniest of details illuminated by transient natural light. I work in the spirit of Mekas’ statement “I make home movies – therefore I live. I live – therefore I make home movies.” – Adrian Cousins

In addition to Broderick, the other featured composers in the series are: Hideyuki Hashimoto (Japan) / Julia Gjertsen (Norway) / Jacob David (Denmark) / Oliver Patrice Weder (Switzerland/Spain) / Akira Kosemura (Japan) / Tobias Svennson (Sweden/UK) / Pêtr Aleksänder (UK) / Eik Octobre (Denmark) while artwork has been provided by Brooklyn-based visual artist Mikhail Mishin.

LinksStream/Pre-SaveSingles Series (Bandcamp)  |  Peter Broderick

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