Video Premiere: abandoned forest by vaghy

Abandoned Forest single cover

Tamás Vághy, aka vaghy, is a composer & pianist with a long and diverse background in contemporary music. Having performed in thousands of concerts from clubs to large festivals and serving as keyboardist for the well-known Hungarian rock band Anna and the Barbies, Tamás, who has played piano from a very young age, has always had an interest classical music but it was only after taking inspiration from a Nils Frahm video a few years ago that he begin to seriously pursue entering the scene himself.

Since his Hámori House video sessions with vaghy ensemble in the fall of 2017 (one of which premiered right here), he has appeared as a solo artist on volume II of The Minimal Piano Series on Blue Spiral Records, a compilation selected by a jury that included such artists as Lubomyr Melnyk, Bruno Sanfilippo, and Olivia Belli and is currently working toward his first full album. It is a pleasure to premiere a new piece today in video form called “abandoned forest”, the first of a number of solo works vaghy plans to introduce this year. Set in a beautiful arrangement that intertwines delicate piano with warmly fluorescing electronics, the melody at the core of the song is one Tamás has carried in his head since he was a child.

“When I was little I used to have this dream about wandering aimlessly around in a forest, all the while looking for something and humming this melody. The melody remained the same and it repeated on and on, remaining in my subconscious, and even as an adult I could easily recall it. Never would I have thought that I could use this obscure vision now, after so many years. This dream meant shelter for me, a place where I can find peace and tranquility. This has been a permanent feature of my life: I have always needed a physical and mental space where I can be all by myself, creating order, sorting things out. “abandoned forest” gives me this place, it evokes this state and it can slow down the otherwise fast-paced world.”Tamás Vághy

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“abandoned forest” will be followed by additional songs and videos (inasmuch as the  virus situation allows) later this year with the first full-length vaghy album called minimalism expected in the second half of 2020. As part of a special dual premiere, you can find the Hungarian feature today presented by phenom’enon music magazine.

vaghy03_credit_Pandur-Balogh Norbert

photo by Pandur-Balogh Norbert